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JAPAN VLOG #5 (2/2) | Tokyo University and Ueno – 東京大学、上野

maart 3, 2015
Hi guys!

I’m finally getting somewhat familiar with my website right now. However, I still need to find out how certain things work, but I am confident I will figure that out ^_^. Onto the content of this post..

This post will be on  JAPAN VLOG #5 (2/2) | Tokyo University and Ueno – 東京大学、上野. My latest post was about the first part where I started in Yanaka and walked all the way too the Nezu Shrine. If you haven’t read it or want to know what I was up to before this vlog check it out here first.

Tatsuya and me entered the Nezu Shrine together. He was pretty busy observing and filming the scenery while I was doing the same. From that moment on we kind of lost each other. I could not find him anywhere. Obviously I did not know my way around, but that did not stop me from exploring :). Although I felt a tiny bit of a panicking feeling within me, being in a foreign country and all, I managed to find Tatsuya again after a good 15 minutes or so. He was fully concentrated on creating some good footage with the camera and perhaps could have not even notice I was looking for him.


Thinking back
Whenever I think back to this particular day I remember it being so relaxed and fun. It took some time getting to Ueno all the way from Yanaka, but it is something I would definitely do again. Long walks are awesome! Especially when you are fully present. My first experience with a gatcha-gatcha machine, buying drinks out of the vending machine (where I was very thirsty, acting all weird and stuff, haha), seeing the Tokyo University in its full glory were some of the small experiences on our way to Ueno,  small experiences that brighten up my day when thinking about it.

Arriving at Ueno Station
It was getting later and darker the closer we got to Ueno. The hunger and tiredness were pretty present as well. When we finally arrived at Ueno Station we hopped on the train back home to where Tatsuya’s super parents had dinner prepared for us. Sweet memories. Yes, Japan is definitely a place I would love to stay for some longer time.

Vlog #5 Part 2

Enjoy the second part of my fifth vlog in Japan. I hope you like it! And if so, don’t hesitate to give me a like! I would appreciate it. Subscribe for more entertaining videos about Japan. Leave a comment with your thoughts on this vlog.

*Click Here* for the first part.


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