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JAPAN VLOG #5 (1/2) | Yanaka, Gatcha-Gatcha, Nezu Shrine – 谷中, ガチャガチャ, 根津神社

februari 12, 2015

Hi there guys,

Another JAPAN VLOG went up recently! It was JAPAN VLOG #5 (2/2) | Tokyo University and Ueno – 東京大学、上野. I will post about that very soon, but I haven’t blogged about part one yet. So that is what I will be doing now.

Yanaka, 谷中

We traveled to Yanaka by train. It wasn’t far away from Akihabara, where we spend our morning before heading towards Yanaka. Exiting the station at our destination I immediately felt a sort of calmness. The streets where quite, not so many cars rushing by and I could here the wind blowing through the trees. I got told that Yanaka is not a busy or lively place compared to other areas in Tokyo. Which in my experience is very true. One of the main reasons is that Yanaka is one of the fewer districts with a shitamachi atmosphere. Shitamachi translates into low city, a word originated from the actual level of the land that a city was on.

Besides the pretty scenery there was something else that caught my attention… Cats! Cats everywhere! Cats walking around, cat drawings, cat statues, cat shaped foods, cats on signs of stores, cats, cats, cats, cats! I began to wonder why? And until today I still don’t know why there are so many cats in Yanaka. If you know something about it, leave a comment! I really want to know, haha.

Yanaka Ginza

As you may see in the video we walked from the station to a shopping street not far away. This shopping streets is called Yanaka Ginza. It was very lovely and the ambient was just perfect to me. At a little cute looking place we stopped to get taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake), but they shape it in the form of cats! Again with the cats. They were very tasty though, filled with red bean paste.

Walk towards Nezu shrine

All the way on foot we arrived at Nezu Shrine. The entrance was very intriguing. Me coming from a western country do never encounter such structures at all. So huge, colorful and elegant, those reminding me of Asian countries. The shrine is surrounded by a lot of greens with many paths to choose from so you can really see a lot. I started to forget this shrine was located in the middle of the city.

Vlog #5 Part One

We didn’t spend so much time talking in the first the first part of vlog #5, it has more scenery to offer. Part two is more verbal, hehe. I hope you liked it! And if so please subscribe, like and comment :).

Thanks for reading and watching!

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