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JAPAN VLOG #4 | Ameya Yokocho Market – アメヤ横丁

januari 21, 2015

Hi there,

A few weeks ago I uploaded the fourth video of me vlogging in Japan. I spend the day in Ueno wandering around the Ameya yokocho market and Ueno park.

Ameya Yoko Market – アメヤ横丁
The Ameya yoko market was a place I definitely wanted to visit. It’s a pretty busy market street not far away from Ueno station. Ameyoko is shortened for Ameya Yokocho, which translates to English in Candy store alley. A bunch of American products were sold here after World War Two, but nowadays you can find everything from clothes, cosmetics and bags to different kinds of spices, fish and fruits at very affordable prizes.

The nice thing of these types of markets is that they sell their products a lot cheaper compared to the stores inside malls. Although you should pay attention to whether a product is fake or not. For example you may find products of famous brands with a remarkable low price. But in the end, if the quality is good, who cares about the brand!

Take a look at my vlog for more detailed information, beautiful scenery and silliness:

Overall the market street was a lot of fun! I recommend it to everyone who would like to see a bit of a different side to Tokyo in general. It is so lively! There were so many people shouting about there discounts and why you should buy their products. I also saw a plenty of spots were you could sit and eat a meal. The only thing I ate from the market was a piece of pineapple on a stick, which was very delicious. But the man who sold it to me was an jerk, he was so rude! Something I would not immediately expect from Japanese citizens.

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